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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Attention! Horror/sci-fi/fantasy writers! Definitely check this out!

Love horror? The supernatural? Those things that go BUMP in the night? Horror is about to get a revolutionary new makeover. A new door is about to open. Care to learn more? Keep reading.

Hello. My name is Troy McCombs, and I am a horror author. I’ve created a blog for and about authors of the horror/supernatural/science fiction/dark fantasy genres. I’m sending this letter to as many of those authors as I possibly can so they too can promote their, as well as other people’s, books.

Every Monday we will feature a new book to giveaway from one author who joins the blog. At the end of the week, they will either send a free paperback copy to the winner, or an ebook copy.

Every week I will send a questionnaire to one writer, asking a variety of questions about their published/upcoming book. After I receive the answers back, I will post them on the site.

Every day one chosen writer will post up info about his/her book, a small photo of it, a description, where it can be bought, and anything else they might want to add. If possible, also include a brief excerpt of the book.

NOTE: Every day, it is the responsibility of EVERYONE who belongs to the site to promote the book of the writer chosen for that day. You can promote it anywhere: FB, Twitter, Myspace, Amazon (by clicking YES on the 4/5 star reviews/recommendations), Goodreads, your own friends/followers--anywhere you like. You don’t have to spend the whole day promoting it; just do what you can, and it will be appreciated by the writer. J

Every day, I will also hold a poll on the site, asking all those who’ve joined to vote on whatever the day’s topic might be, whether that be favorite science fiction movie, best John Carpenter movie, etc.

Additionally, every day, one person will be in charge of writing a post about whatever he/she feels relevant to the subject of our genre, whether it be about the facts about/dangers of cloning: science fiction; whether we’ve ever experienced any supernatural activity in our lives: horror; and whether elves or unicorns exist: fantasy. It could be anything under the genres of this site, but it has to be fact-based, or at least possible in the scope of reality. Anything you are interested in posting.

I will also set up one or two Facebook groups to handle our business: posting dates doc., giveaway week doc.; author info doc/ promo.

Feel free to invite as many friends and followers to the site so they can join in on this fantastic event. It begins Monday, February 13th.

--Troy McCombs -------(this will be our site)