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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nothing is worse for Adam McNicols than high school. Soon, when he breaks, nothing becomes worse for his enemies than Adam himself! Graphic violence! Reader's discretion is strongly advised! Free ebook today only, the 26 of October.

Monday, July 11, 2016

My NEW zombie epic, Puppeteer of the Dead, is almost here!
The end of the world begins at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean, hundreds of miles from land. A military aircraft en route to Denver, loaded with deceased American soldiers, disappears into an aberrant mass of storm clouds that appear almost out of nowhere. The pilots are startled by a sudden commotion in the cargo bay, where the air trays are kept. What they find stuns them all: the dead moving, alive and angry and hungry for human flesh--this is the first reported incident.
Days pass. The bodies of the recently deceased return to life, first near landmasses near the ocean, then elsewhere. They cannot be killed in any practical way, only incapacitated by dismemberment or blinding. Medical and military facilities around the globe work together in order to solve this baffling, unparalleled mystery. What they discover is maddening. These zombies are ingrained with a malignant root system, put there by some unknown and sinister force which is controlling them remotely.
The fate of the world rests with a small, unassuming group of people looking to find refuge from the dead and hopefully survive Armageddon. It's Maynard Dunn, a family man and ex-marine, who will lead them: Peter, an unrenowned psychic; Andrew, a brilliant scientist and biologist; Tony, a reckless teenage boy with homicidal tendencies; Faith, a suicidal and agoraphobic young woman; and Don, an old geezer with dementia who can hear the voice of pure evil.
This is Book 1 in a series of three, titled Puppeteer of the Dead: The Living Dead. Book 2, which I haven't started yet, will deal with the internal corruption among the remaining survivors; and three, the malign force behind the zombies themselves.
IF you're interested in winning a free paperback copy, comment. I'm giving away a select few, randomly. Thanks

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Favorite horror movie theme?

"Halloween" is an iconic horror movie theme everyone knows well. Then there's the sharp screeching of strings used in Friday the 13th. If you've ever seen Phantasm, you know that's also got a killer theme. Creepy and atmospheric. Name your favorite horror movie score you've ever heard, and how you think it/ they shaped the movie they belong to.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Name your favorite H.P. Lovecraft story. Explain why.

Lovecraft isn't as big a name as Stephen King--but not because he's not as good. King kills it, yes, but Lovecraft creeps the shit out of me like no other author can do. King does at times, sure. Lovecraft gives me goosebumps, though. Something about his atmospheric tales, his luxurious prose, his attention to detail--yet no detail, other than the "horrible, indescribable abominations", when it comes to creature description--really excites me as a writer. And a reader.

As for my fav Lovecraft story? Hard to say. Here are some: From Beyond, Reanimator (yes, both are movies, too), the Call of Cthulhu, The Outsider, Cool Air, Whisperer in Darkness, Colour out of Space, just to name a few.

I'm trying to make this blog FUN and engaging, but I need you, the visitor, to make that happen :)
Come back, I will update and continue trying to make this a fun place for lovers of all things horror.

Friday, May 27, 2016

What Is Your Favorite Horror/Thriller/Suspense Movie Twist?

The Sixth Sense. Dead Again. Jacob's Ladder. Orphan. There are lots of movies, horror and non, with endings that'll leave you gasping, saying, "I did not see that coming!" Describe what movie YOU think has the best twist ending. It can be any genre, just mention why you prefer it over others like it.
Just leave your opinion/description in the COMMENT section. Ready? Set? Twist!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

What's the worst nightmare you've ever had?

Describe your most frightening nightmare in the comment section below, and one randomly picked winner will get a free digital ebook of one of my following novels:

As to my worst nightmare, I've forgotten many. I will say that FLOH (my novel--see above) scared me when I was a teenager just being born again into Christianity. I saw the devil sitting in the church I used to go to. He told me, "This isn't a dream, and it's not over yet!"

The next thing I knew, I was in hell. Scary shit! The second worst nightmare I had was eerily similar in terms of content. I renounced God, and demons drained me of life until the point I wanted--and tried--to take my own life. I also wrote that into a story which became a indie horror film, "Headspace."

Who knows, maybe these night terrors were dreams in disguise? Or maybe, just maybe, they're not dreams, and they're not over yet!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What is your favorite horror novel and why?

Important info:
(One person who answers will receive a $5.00 Amazon e gift card). Starts 2/18/2016 and ends 2/23/2016. Be sure to leave your email and contact info in your comment! :) By the way, there are no wrong/right answers. Winner will be drawn randomly.

As for my fav horror novel, I can't say. There's many to choose from!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Self Publishing vs.Traditional Publishing

Self Publishing Vs. Traditional Publishing (my take)
It's a common question a lot of authors ask.
So, what's the difference? And are there pros and cons to each?
Yes and yes.
The pros of self publishing:
1. You keep all the rights
2. You keep all the royalties.
3. You market how you see fit.
4. You're in total control.
5. You can publish almost immediately, and don't have to wait months or years.
The cons of self publishing:
1. Quality control: if you're new or inexperienced, you NEED to hire a PROFESSIONAL editor if you want to take all this seriously. If not, you may get some nasty reviews. And lose potential readers.
2. You're in total control, meaning you bear every responsibility: marketing, promotion, getting a professional cover, proper formatting... oh, and did I mention an editor?
3. You're going to spend some money making this look like a real book.
4. You alone are in charge of marketing! More time is spent marketing—or should be spent—than actually writing and editing. You don't have a professional who's experienced to help you, or someone who will spread your name around and get your novel reviewed by NYT and so forth. And getting a self pubbed book reviewed by most editorial reviewers is very difficult (if not impossible).
The pros of traditional publishers:
  1. They will edit your book and make it awesome. However, YOU need to edit it first and make it very presentable to them.
  2. They are experienced, they have connections, they have advertising money.
  3. You COULD get an advance.
  4. Your book may find its way into brick and mortar bookstores.
  5. Possible book signings and events.
  6. They will probably mentor you, letting you know what's involved in your own daily promotion.
The cons of traditional publishers:
  1. You don't keep all the profits.
  2. If it's accepted, you'll have to wait a while before it's available.
  3. They're cut throat and blunt, so you'll need tough skin and a lot of perseverance.
Some very successful authors who've hit NYT bestseller status will tell beginners to go the self-publishing route, but I'd advise you not to listen to everything they say. Why?
Because they've built a BRAND before they've decided to scrap the traditional route and go total freelance. If Stephen King did that, his sales would not ebb. Why? Because he's established himself already. How? Through the traditional route.
I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's highly unlikely. These days, anyone can pump out a novel and upload it to Amazon. So many people are doing it, the market is flooded. Go to Amazon and see how many books there are, then you'll see how hard it is to be noticed through the white noise. Again, it's not impossible. And if you did or do decide to self publish, and don't sell many copies, you'll know why—readers have TOO many books to choose from. I'm not being biased for/against self or traditional publishing; they both have their place. I'm just trying to supply you with enough information to help make your own decision, that's all. Some self-published books have done VERY well (ever hear of this 50 Shades of Grey story?). Some traditionally published books don't sell. In fact, only one out of half a dozen even turns a profit. I wish you, the author, much success. Remember, you don't become a bestselling author overnight. It doesn't work that way, unless you're lucky enough to catch lightning in a bottle like a select few. The best writers have spent years and even decades honing their craft, reading, writing, reading, rewriting, and practicing this art for a long time before they became a success. The worst thing you can do is give up. Just keep on trying. What have you got to lose? :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Free Damaged and Free Strandead for 2 days!

A bullied high-schooler (Adam McNicols) takes gruff from his peers every day in Blake High. Enough becomes enough when a traumatic event breaks him, damages him, and sends him on a homicide mission. He discovers a way to abduct his aggressors without being seen, tortures them, and discards the bodies for all to see. Can they catch him before he strikes again? Or will the body count never end?
Yes, we've seen all the movies and read all the books. A vehicle breaks down in the woods, evil emerges, and the cat and mouse begins. But what if the deformed creatures who stalk their new prey brought them here on purpose? And what if they had a way to gain powers by devouring their victims' brains... through performing specific rituals learned centuries ago in faraway lands... rituals handed down by--gotta download to read more! :)
Please feel free to take the polls on the left, and comment if you wish. I'm trying to make this site fun, interactive, and informative. Stay tuned!