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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

FREE Christmas Ebooks! Coming before Santa!

Troy McCombs, a writer of horror who's grown up reading the best: Stephen King, Clive Barker, H.P. Lovecraft, and Poe, is putting most of his horror novels (and some that aren't horror) FREE on Amazon for a limited time.

Below are the available dates, ebooks, plotlines, and links. Get em while they're at NO cost!
December 20-23 Strandead PREY: High school seniors embark on a field trip to Chicago, but they never make it. Their bus ends up crashing on a deserted dirt road in the forest, which is occupied by flesh-and-soul-hungry monsters intent on devouring them all.
December 22. 1 day only! Damaged: A bullied teenager gets even with his classmates in the most sadistic ways possible.

Dec. 22-24 Baker's Dozen: A collection of 13 short horror tales with Lovecraftian endings. Beneath the Soil: What if you could not step on solid earth? What if there was something beneath any given spot of soil that you did not want to be there but was, always waiting for you? Would you chance it? Hypervision: If we could have better vision than an eagle, would we dare want it? And eleven more terrifying tales with endings you won't see coming!

December 21-24 The Clown Picture: 9-year-old Logan Barnes receives a painted picture of a clown from his mother. Soon, he begins to realize there's something very wrong with it. It's more than just a 2d image. The clown on canvas needs innocence to restore his life. (suitable for all ages)

December 20-22 Imaginary Friend: Nathan Stevenson is just a weakling. A wimp. A buck-toothed kid everyone in grade school picks on... that is, until they get a load of his imaginary friend, who likes to fight back and kill his creator's foes.

December 20-23 The First Level of Hell: 16-year-old Johnny Morris was the biggest troublemaker in his area. Borderline criminal. But after he gets into a fight with the wrong person and ends up dead, he finds himself in a place that makes him wish he was a much nicer person on earth.

December 17-19 The Music of 1997 (time travel story, not horror): Life's been bad to Stephen for the past three years. Before then, he had it all: a great girlfriend, awesome friends, a fun job, a healthy mother. Now he's broke, jobless, his mother dead, alone. When a song from the best time of his life strikes his ears, he realizes he can regress time and fix all his past mistakes. Easier said than done.
December 17-21 Bitten: Fact or Fiction? Henry Boyer gets bit by something while vacationing in a remote area of Tasmania. The wound becomes infected, grows, and he finds himself mutating into some... thing he cannot control... or stop from taking him over.
December 21-23 Silent Destruction (pen name Baron Driden): Andros Varlander has been a small-time thief all his life. The death of his uncle will make him a large-time thief. See, Uncle Rever headed an experimental military weapon that can open any safe, any vault, silently and effectively.
Happy reading! Sorry for any nightmares ;)