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Monday, July 24, 2017

FREE for July 25th,2017: The Music of 1997

If you liked the film, The Butterfly Effect, you should read the novella, The Music of 1997, by Troy McCombs. It is the literary equivalent of The Butterfly Effect. Below is a blurb.

Stephen Stanson had it rough: no job, no friends, no girl, no life. He hasn't even listened to any modern music that he's liked for quite some time: 1997, to be exact.

The first song he hears from that era, he learns one night while flipping through TV channels and finding a music video station, can take him back to 1997... where suddenly he has a chance to fix everything that went wrong.

But there are two complications: he only has the time of the duration of the song(s) to work the problems out, and the songs themselves only work until Stephen gets used to them. After that, they can't transport him back to 97 anymore.

So here he is, stuck between 2001, his present, and 97, the best year of his life before everything fell apart.

Can he repair his broken past? Only time will tell, and of that, he's got little left.