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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Free Damaged and Free Strandead for 2 days!

A bullied high-schooler (Adam McNicols) takes gruff from his peers every day in Blake High. Enough becomes enough when a traumatic event breaks him, damages him, and sends him on a homicide mission. He discovers a way to abduct his aggressors without being seen, tortures them, and discards the bodies for all to see. Can they catch him before he strikes again? Or will the body count never end?
Yes, we've seen all the movies and read all the books. A vehicle breaks down in the woods, evil emerges, and the cat and mouse begins. But what if the deformed creatures who stalk their new prey brought them here on purpose? And what if they had a way to gain powers by devouring their victims' brains... through performing specific rituals learned centuries ago in faraway lands... rituals handed down by--gotta download to read more! :)
Please feel free to take the polls on the left, and comment if you wish. I'm trying to make this site fun, interactive, and informative. Stay tuned!