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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ghosts... there are tons of movies about them, and television shows. Some people believe. Some don't. Some are torn between belief and disbelief. What do YOU think? And why? What obscure world within this one do they belong... that is, if they exist at all? Have you ever seen one? Would you want to? If you did, would you be afraid?

Feel free to discuss. Speak your mind. Above all, have a good time!! Simply post a comment below to engage :)


  1. Ghosts are not real at all, but we have an instinct to fear the dark and the unknown, and I think it is healthy and entertaining if we embrace this instinct in a controled way, face our fears and let our imaginations run wild. Nothing wrong with ghost stories, but if you claim to be a ghost hunter or ghost whisperer, please forgive me for questioning your sanity.

  2. Thanks for your input, Eric. Personally, I believe, but it's so hard when there's so little proof. I've met psychics before, and since, try to stay away from them. lol. Talk about strange. Not that they're bad, but I just never felt comfortable around them. Too many negatives and not enough positives

  3. I believe there are things we cannot explain, yet...including what happens to our inner energy when we die. Have I ever experienced what I would call a ghost? Yes, one week in Cape May, N.J. I didn't see anything with my eyes but something caused a strong physical response in me, my brother and my mother in the form of increased heartbeat, difficulty breathing, chills, inky blackness, and nightmares in only one room in the house my family rented.

  4. I've never experienced one, but I think they exist.