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Monday, February 13, 2012

What is your favorite John Carpenter movie, and why?


  1. How's it going? This might be my first time visiting...
    I couldn't help myself when I saw your question. I just had to stop. Although I love The Fog and really appreciate the classics, Halloween and The Thing, I ended up voting for Big Trouble in Little China. I don't know what it is exactly. It must be the complete package of story, characters, dialogue and acting. It's just so much fun!
    Thanks for asking.


  2. Thanks for posting, James. In the days ahead, I intend to do other polls and start subjects people can comment on further. Only problem is getting people to visit the site and visit it regularly!

  3. The Thing. I loved Carpenter's interpretation of the original story. And the movie still stands up thirty years later.

  4. Scott, yeah, I also loved The Thing. It was one of most creative when it came to creature creation. Most monster movies are/were men in outfits; this had monsters that looked like real monsters. If you take a look at the drawing in the upper left hand corner of this blog, you'll see my mediocre attempt at drawing the dog from the movie.

  5. Can I vote for The Thing but sneak in Adrienne Barbeau from The Fog?

    The Thing has this combination of horror, terror, and humor that melds into something special. And the sense of cosmic dread is straight out of Lovecraft.

    Now, if it just had Adrienne as a Swedish ski bunny . . .

  6. 1.-T Halloween
    1.-T The Thing
    3. Escape from New York

    Carpenter + Russell = $$$