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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Harvester Ascension by Eric Johnston and Andrew Utley

Available April 15, 2012

The media dubbed it “The Meteor.” As an object roughly the size of the moon is discovered hurtling toward Earth, hysteria brews and doomsday prophets call forth their sermons of death and destruction, but is this “meteor” what it seems?

Charles Wallace, a sociology professor at University of Michigan, is crippled with debilitating headaches that his doctor is at a loss to explain as dreams torment his sleep with images of an alien landscape littered with monuments to a god known as The Harvester. Are these dreams the source of his headaches?

Nightmares plague people across America, and they all say the same thing: there is an incoming extraterrestrial threat. But one person's dreams are even more dreadful: Charles’s friend, Sebastian Irvine. “The Harvester exists in Charles’s mind,” an mysterious voice whispers to him in the dark. “You must kill your friend.”

As nightmares and paranoia threaten to tear America apart, Lou Bryan, host of America’s highest rated cable news show, takes advantage of the hysteria. The frightened look to him for wisdom and guidance, a responsibility he takes too light-heartedly as he convinces the American people to riot in every major city, making the planet ripe for invasion.

An unlikely group of heroes come forth to defend the planet from imminent invasion. Can they overcome the things that separate them to fight for the common cause of humanity?

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